“Can I make it to the New York Times Bestseller list if I am self-published?” The simple answer is that you might not make it to that list even if you are published with a big publishing house. You may be tempted to think, “I’m going to set up an amazing author platform and really get things going with my marketing so I’ll sell thousands of books. That will get me there.” Try again. The NYT Bestseller list isn’t based on gross or even net sales!

Write a better book in 7 days

I can hear you from here, “Really?! Is she crazy?!”

Nope. I’m not. My theory is: if I can listen to a book being read in a number of hours, then that book can be written in some multiple of those hours. An Audible book is 9 hours, let’s say then that the book could feasibly be written in 36 hours (9 x 4). That formula plays out well, and in general with my formula you will get really clear on what you want to say and what your end-game is. This results in a better book with more clarity and maximum value to both you and your reader!

I’ve spent the past year learning how to create author platforms for authors from scratch but also how to help authors position themselves in such a way that the platform they already have truly shines.