Write a better book in 7 days

Write a better book in 7 days

I can hear you from here, “Really?! Is she crazy?!”

Nope. I’m not. My theory is: if I can listen to a book being read in a number of hours, then that book can be written in some multiple of those hours. An Audible book is 9 hours, let’s say then that the book could feasibly be written in 36 hours (9 x 4). That formula plays out well, and in general with my formula you will get really clear on what you want to say and what your end-game is. This results in a better book with more clarity and maximum value to both you and your reader!

I started with this theory a LONG time ago, and started cranking out eBooks for my health and wellness coaching business several years ago. It was a quick way to monetize my knowledge without sacrificing time or repeating myself a dozens times in the course of one week. They also added tremendous value for my clients. Believe it or not, my most popular one is an eBook on urinary tract infections. You can find it here on Amazon. I wrote that little book in just a couple of days.

Time and time again I’ve coached incredibly busy entrepreneurs to write a better book in a week’s time than they could possibly EVER write the old fashioned way (i.e.:outline, hammer, hammer, hammer, edit, re-write, ad nauseum). I created a webinar, complete with a workbook and step-by-step coaching, to support YOU in writing your book in a 7 days.

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